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Cycle? Be ASured

If you cycle whether racing, commuting or leisure you'll know that there are risks every time you get on the bike. Potholes, wayward drivers, street furniture, animals in the road or a clip of wheels can all have the same end result....a close up meeting with the ground, some nasty burns and maybe worse. Broken bones are common in cycle races where a lack of concentration and a clip of wheels can bring down large numbers of riders, but equally so are serious injuries on a bike at any time.

In a recent Global Cycle Network show (Ep 368 Jan 28th 2020) the presenters discussed with former Team SKY professional cyclist Bernie Eisel his thoughts on the growing frequency of crashes in bike races, how the bunch has changed in the last 20 years and whether Pro Cycling was more dangerous than ever. They concluded that the peloton is faster, riders are under more pressure and that YES, arguably, the sport has become more dangerous than ever before. 

ASure Financial offer insurance for cyclists of all levels from elite racing cyclists to leisure cyclists. Protect your lifestyle against the financial impact of loss of income, broken bones and time off work from a serious cycling injury. Be ASured, contact us today from our 'Contact Page' for more information and to arrange a free no obligation consultation with one of our insurance experts. 

We look forward to helping you ride with confidence.