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Trainee Protection Adviser Opportunity

ASure Financial are extremely pleased to announce that they currently have a trainee protection adviser opportunity available within their business. Full training and support is provided.

As a company ASure Financial already has a strong presence within sport and rugby in particular, having helped hundreds of players and their family's at all levels of the sport. We would be particularly interested to hear from any current or former pro / semi-pro cyclists based in the UK looking for an opportunity of a future career in financial services as we look to expand our provision within other sports. 

This a flexible role with no specified time commitment so that it can fit in around your training, competition and other commitments. There is no cap on potential earnings.

ASure Director Andy Smith worked in professional rugby for a number of years and is extremely grateful for the opportunity presented to himself for a chance to train and develop a career outside of sport and emphasised the importance of trust in the relationships that ASure has with it's clients.

"Following my 10 yrs as a pro rugby union coach I know first hand how difficult the transition from sport can be and am extremely grateful for the opportunity I was offered to enter this industry myself 5 yrs ago. This opportunity has proven to be invaluable for myself and I’d love to be able to offer the same level of support to others, assisting you in realising your future goals and dreams."

"Trust is extremely important to the relationships that we build with our clients. My clients from a rugby background like dealing with me because I'm from that environment too and we can relate to each other on a level that most other advisers can't. The knowledge and understanding of what their sports training and lifestyle involves is a really important part of the picture when recommending the most appropriate cover or mortgage for them. To offer our services within other sports and for those athletes to have confidence in our advice is really important to me and I feel it's important to have someone from a cycling background to offer cyclists this level of confidence and support."

"I'd love to here from individuals that share our values of supporting others to realise theirs and their family's dreams, and that want the opportunity to train for a new career (With the option to do this alongside their sports career), bringing their passion and love for their sport with them. All that I ask is a desire to be the best you be, bring a positive mindset and most importantly to do the right thing for your future clients + give me some pointers on how to be a better at cycling! I’ll help you with the formal training and everything else involved."

ASure Financial are proud sponsors of the Bianchi Dama women’s cycling team.

If you’d like to get in touch for a virtual coffee and a chat about the role we’d really love to hear from you. You can contact us via