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Cyclist Shield Sponsors Muckle CC Road Race

The annual Muckle Cycling Club road races will take place on Sunday July 24th 2022 and will feature both women's and men's races. ASure Financial's specialist cyclist insurance brand Cyclist Shield will be co sponsoring the event, aiming to raise awareness of the insurance options that are available to cyclists.

Muckle CC are renowned within the North East of England for putting on a great event which include a range of prizes for the event riders that will be competing on the Saltwick Circuit in Northumberland.

ASure Director Andy Smith is a Muckle Cycling Club member and has recently had his own cycling injury to contend with.

"Raising awareness of the insurance that is available to cyclists at all levels is really important. I had an accident recently myself in a criterium race through no fault of my own, I just got caught up a few wheels behind a crash ahead of me. There was nowhere I could go and nothing I could do unfortunately. It happens so quickly. In reality I was lucky to escape with a fractured arm which wasn't badly broken. I'll still be out injured for 6-8 weeks, but luckily I can still work and I car share with my wife so don't have to worry about driving."

Andy went on to say that insurance really can 'protect' cyclists from a difficult financial situation following injury.

"I was lucky that I could still work. I have insurance myself against fracture's which has provided with a lump sum payment of £3,500 for my broken arm, but I also have income protection that would give me a replacement income if I was too ill or injured to work plus life insurance and critical illness cover to protect my family and pay of the mortgage if the worst was to happen...I'm talking about death or really serious injury which might cause paralysis or permanent brain damage. It's horrible to talk about these things, but you just don't know. Yes racing has it's risk's and in a way you're prepared for that, but equally you could do everything right riding on a track or on a road and you have an accident. That's the thing with insurance, you need to prepare for the worst case scenario."

Talking about the Muckle CC Road Races Andy was keen to encourage people to enter.

"The MCC road races on July 24th will be great. The club know how to host an event and it's all about people having a go and having great fun doing it. I certainly don't want to put people off riding by stories of injury and accidents, but I do know that Cyclist Shield are there to help cyclists protect themselves and their families with excellent advice on how to best protect their incomes, lifestyle and their homes just in case. It's not expensive to do it in most cases and it certainly gives you more confidence to get involved and have a go at racing. Good luck to everyone riding."

For anyone interested in entering the Muckle CC Road Races, the link to race entry pages are 

Men's Cat 3/4 Race

Women's Cat 2/3/4 Race