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What It Takes

What does it take to be the best, to endure hardships, come back from rock bottom and to have the drive, determination and belief to push the boundries, achieving amazing things that everyone else thought was impossible?

Whether a cycling fan or not, Annemiek van Vleuten is an inspiration for us all. Already an extremely successful professional cyclist Annemiek's goal was to achieve Olympic gold in the the 2016 Rio Olympics. Whilst leading the race she suffered a head on collision, fracturing three vertebrae and suffering serious concussion. Many would've given up hope at the chance of Olympic gold in the twilight of their career, but despite her injuries and set backs Annemiek has come back a stronger, more determined person than ever. In 2019 she won the Road Race in Cycling World Championships, leading 100 miles of the 149 miles route in a solo effort with the rest of the peleton chasing hard behind...this just does not happen! Next step the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo!!!

'What it takes' shows exactly that. We can all take inspiration for Annemiek in whatever challenges we face and goals we set for ourselves.