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Cyclist Shield, ASure's specialist brand designed to protect cyclists

Cycling is such a fantastic activity that is accessible to so many, is great for physical fitness and metal wellbeing, great for the environment and for getting to & from work. Yet concerns around serious accidents or injury stop lots of people from cycling outdoors, on roads or taking part in racing and other events that they'd like to do.

Cyclist Shield is a brand designed by ASure Financial specifically for cyclists to protect them against the financial impact of a serious accident or injury. We can help to give you the confidence to cycle by protecting your monthly income and by lump sum payments for fractures and other serious injuries as well as protection for your family should something more serious be a concern.

Cyclist Shield, Protecting Cyclists


"I was unfortunate enough to have a bad crash in a criterium race during 2022, resulting in a broken right arm and 12 weeks of being unable to ride my bike. I remember being 4 or 5 bikes behind the initial crash, but it happened so quickly that I couldn't avoid the pile up and ended up coming off my bike too. I think I must've put my right arm out instinctively to break the fall. I was lucky it wasn't worse. I got off lightly with a clean fracture of the radius (Forearm).

I have insurance through Cyclist Shield myself that pays a lump sum for broken bones covering my road cycling, racing and time trials. I was able to claim and received £3,500 within a few weeks of the injury which helped to soften the blow. If I hadn't have been able to work this would've really helped me out of a tight spot.

I deal with insurance for my clients every day, but it's never something you think you'll be claiming on for yourself!"

Andrew Smith, (ASure Financial / Cyclist Shield Director) November 2022