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If you enjoy participating in sports and physical activity on a weekly or even daily basis, you do so in the understanding that sometimes accidents and injuries DO happen. Whether it's a muscle strain, ligament rupture, a broken bone or something more serious, suffering a sporting injury can have major financial consequences for your income, lifestyle and family, not to mention keeping you out of action for weeks, months or even longer!!! That's why it's essential to have the right insurance in place to provide financial protection against the impact of serious sports injuries and to offer access to the best medical advice and treatment when you need it most! 

Asure Sports Injury Insurance

At ASure we specialise in sports injury protection for all levels of sport with options available to insure you for;

  • Loss of earnings resulting from a sports injury or illness

  • Broken bones, ACL Rupture and other specified sporting injuries

  • Quick and convenient access to GP referred specialist appointments, scans, physiotherapy and private hospital treatment

  • Permanent disability resulting from your sport

  • Death or the diagnosis of a critical or terminal illness as a result of your sport

*Available cover options may vary depending upon sporting status (Pro, Semi-Pro, Amateur) and the specific sporting activity.