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Protecting our family and providing for the ones we love is a natural instinct. You work hard to have a nice home, a comfortable lifestyle for your family, eat good food, go on family holidays and have great times together....but what would happen if you were no longer around to provide for your loved ones?

Life Insurance can help to secure the future for your family by leaving either a lump sum and / or providing a regular monthly payment if you died or were diagnosed with a terminal illness. The money provided from the proceeds of a life insurance policy may be used to cover a mortgage balance, other outstanding loans and debts or to ensure that your family's lifestyle is protected from the financial impact of you not being around anymore.

ASure Financial's specialist insurance advisers will assist you in putting the right cover in place, specific to you and your family's needs.

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Asure Life Insurance
Asure Critical Illness Insurance


We all know of friends, family, colleagues or team mates who may have suffered from a serious or critical illness like cancer, a heart condition, stroke or MS and the serious impact this can have upon their career, family and lifestyle. Keeping fit and eating healthily can certainly reduce the risk of developing a serious or critical illness, but unfortunately there's no 100% guarantee and we never know what's just around the corner. Even the fittest and healthiest professional athletes aren't immune from these conditions as we unfortunately see on a regular basis in the media.

Critical Illness Cover is designed to protect you and your family financially by providing either a lump sum or a regular monthly payment upon diagnosis of a specified serious or critical illness. This type of cover can be provided as a stand alone policy or is often combined with a life insurance to provide maximum financial protection for you and family.

Proceeds from this insurance could be used is to repay a loan, mortgage, or perhaps pay for care, necessary alterations to your home or time off work in addition to protecting you and your family's lifestyle. 

ASure Financial Limited are proud to be an affiliate member of CI Expert, an independent organisation that compare current and historical critical illness cover allowing our insurance specialists to provide you with an informed recommendation and personal critical illness cover comparison report. Critical illness cover can vary significantly between different insurance providers and at ASure Financial we feel that it is extremely important to be able to provide you with the most appropriate cover for your needs and budget.

*This report is for illustration purposes only and is accurate based upon inputted data as of 31/12/2019. CI Expert rankings, scores and critical illness conditions covered by insurance providers may vary over time.